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Ninja Pizza Girl is a supreme platformer with a deep-dish message.

In the not-too-distant future, rampant urban congestion has resulted in only one way of delivering a pizza across town in twenty minutes or less… underpaid teenage ninjas!

Ninja Pizza Girl follows one such pizza ninja and her family Pizzeria's struggle for independence against the uncontested might of the pizza mega-corporations. Follow Gemma as she navigates a world where slums teeter on top of skyscrapers, where people live out their lives without seeing the ground, where powerful mega-corporations turn teenagers into bullies to maximise their profit margins. In a culture twisted by corporate propaganda, Gemma must fight to keep her ideals, her family and their business intact in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl - other teenagers.

Ninja Pizza Girl. For honour. For Family. For Pizza.


  • Accessible flow-based gameplay that welcomes beginners while challenging speedrunners.
  • Face enemies that shove, trip, throw garbage in your hair and upload videos of their abuse.
  • Unique "health" system that tracks the player's mood
  • Gameplay that simulate the effects of bullying and coping strategies
  • Original soundtrack by Max Maars who was featured on Triple J's Unearthed
  • The only videogame to feature the phrase "No Pants. No Pizza."

"Ninja Pizza Girl is a beautifully presented, challenging-but-not-brutal platformer that delivers not only pizza, but important messages about self-worth and bullying. Any young people in your lives—and you!—need this game!" - Karin Weekes

"Deftly tackling bullying, self awareness and self acceptance, not to mention the challenge of keeping a pizza hot, Ninja Pizza Girl is a beautiful and important game." – Rhianna Pratchett

"Ninja Pizza Girl delivers a great story and its gameplay isn't too shabby either." - Softpedia

"I found the "health" system to be rather unique, and it really made me want to strive to succeed – even just for that sweet music if nothing else." - Geekbomb


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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